How to Burn Calories Fast: Easy Workouts from Home


Burn Calories Fast from Home

how to burn calories fast in the gym

Whether you are overweight or not, finding the right workout plan is essential. If you want to lose weight, or burn fat, you need to burn calories. Pick the right workout to burn calories and you will see results quickly.

There are several factors to take into consideration while choosing a workout program. These include:

  • the amount of time you have to commit
  • your workout goals
  • your level of fitness
  • health problems you might have.

No matter what time you have, you want to see results quickly.

Fortunately, there are several workouts and exercises you can use to burn calories effectively and quickly without adverse effects. Below are exercises to burn allow you to burn calories fast – more than 800 calories.

Sprint interval training on the treadmill

Sprint training on the treadmill

Sprint interval training is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It incorporates short but intensive bursts of exercise interspersed with periods of rest. RPE is short for “rate of perceived exertion”. This is a scale that measures the intensity of your exercise. It runs from zero to ten with one being the least intensive and ten being the most.

Sprint interval training has several benefits:

First, it allows you to burn maximum calories. Depending on how much you weigh and how fast you sprint, you can burn up to 1200 calories per hour or 900 calories every 45 minutes.

Secondly, sprinting improves your speed which is especially beneficial if you are an athlete.

Third, sprint interval training raises your metabolism. This means you will continue to lose weight even when you are not exercising.

Finally, sprinting improves heart health since you force heart muscles to work harder. This has obvious health benefits.

There are several ways to perform sprint interval training depending on your goals and your level of fitness. Below is a basic sprint interval training program:

  1. Sprint for up to 30 seconds at the highest RPE
  2. Rest for up to 4 minutes at low intensity. You can do a light jog or brisk walk
  3. Repeat up to 8 times or as many times as it is safe to do so.

Do sprint training after your weight training workout and ensure to take the necessary safety precautions by stretching and taking steps to protect your joints.


Kickboxing training

Kickboxing is an exercise that combines attack and defense moves from different disciplines such as Muay Thai, French Savate, Pradel Serey, Karate, Western Boxing and many others from different countries. It can be used solely for working out or as part of a self-defense program. Kickboxing uses several moves including the jab, uppercut, hook, cross, and variations of these to tone the body and build overall fitness.

Kickboxing has several health benefits including; greater strength, improved balance, weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease. Kickboxing is one of the best ways to torch major calories. A one-hour kickboxing class can help you burn up to 880 calories depending on your weight and metabolic rate. Increasing your intensity and adding more fat-burning moves such as lunges and squats can help you burn even more calories and ramp up your fitness.

Here is a sample kickboxing workout you can do at home and burn maximum calories: Warm up for five minutes and get into a fighting stance. Perform 25 double time jabs on each side. Add a front kick, jab and cross combination and perform 16 to 20 reps on each side. Include the following additional moves and perform 16-20 reps each; speed bag with knee up, push-ups, roundhouse kick, sidekick with block and jumping jacks with jabs. Cool down.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training at home

If you are short on time and looking to burn maximum calories, you cannot go wrong with a kettlebell workout. The kettlebell, which is named thus because of its round base and handle which makes it resemble a teapot is ideal for performing many exercises including lunges, squats, burpees, shoulder presses and others which improve strength, stamina, and flexibility. 

In addition to improving strength, flexibility, and stamina, kettlebell workouts help to strengthen your core, help you build lean muscle and help to burn maximum calories. Kettlebell workouts are high intensity which means that they can help you burn up to 400 calories every 20 minutes or 900 calories in 45 minutes. 

While they are ideal for beginners, kettlebell workouts can be quite intense so it is important to find a program that allows you to scale your workouts and increase intensity as you get fitter.

The following kettlebell workout helps you burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. Start with a five-minute warm-up. Next, perform the following exercises in sequence; ten side lunges with kettlebell press, ten side and single-arm kettlebell high pull, kettlebell swings for one minute, kettlebell squats and twists for one minute, football sprints for one minute. Cool down.

Jumping rope

Jump rope training at home

Jumping rope is among the simplest exercises for burning maximum calories. All you need is a space to work out, a good skipping rope and time to work out. It is also a scalable exercise, allowing you to increase intensity as your fitness level increases.

Jumping rope has several health benefits. First of all, it is extremely affordable since you only spend money on a good rope, workout clothes and some good shoes to absorb impact. Other benefits include bone strength, cardiovascular health, stronger length, and a full-body workout.

You can burn up to 300 calories for every 15 minutes you jump rope which translates into 900 calories for 45 minutes. Because it is such a high impact exercise, you should ensure that you invest in a good pair of shoes to avoid split shins, strained joints, muscle pain, and others. Also, start slowly if you are overweight or suffer from joint or knee pain to reduce injury risk.

Use the following rope workout to lose up to 800 calories; warm-up, alternate one minute freestyle jumps with thirty-second pistol squats and alternating toe touches for a total of thirty minutes. 


Running training from home

Another simple and affordable exercise, running is one of the best calorie busting exercises as well as one that you can do whenever or whenever you are (even underwater). Add some stairs or hills and you can significantly increase the calories burned while enjoying many other health benefits.

The health benefits of running include; weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger bones, and many others.

You can burn up to 965 calories per hour based on your weight and fitness level. Running upstairs and incorporating HIIT into your running workout will help you burn even more calories and see results much sooner.

To burn up to 1000 calories running, run at a speed of 8mph for one hour. Incorporate hill and interval training for even better results. Run fast up a hill for 45 seconds then recover on your way down. Repeat as many times as needed.

Burner Calories Faster

You can combine some effective workouts with a healthy diet for weight loss. This will speed up the process of burning calories.


Many workouts can help you burn maximum calories in 45 minutes or less.

All you have to do is find the right activity for you, begin as soon as possible and wait to see the positive results you are looking for.