5 Healthy Pre Workout Snacks to Supercharge Your Workout


Healthy Pre Workout Snacks

Healthy pre workout snacks

Many people avoid eating before a workout due to believing that they will sabotage their efforts if they have a pre workout snack.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you think that you will lose more weight if you work out on an empty stomach, studies have reveal that to be incorrect. The truth is that the weight you shed is water weight and has no significant effect on fat loss.

Studies show you will experience greater gains if you have enough energy to finish the workouts.

And that might mean that you need a health pre workout snack to power through your next workout.

Below are five healthy pre workout snacks to supercharge your workout:

Oatmeal with protein powder

Oats with protein powder

Oats make a great healthy pre workout snack because they are a slow-release carbohydrate that provides a gradual release of energy even hours after you have eaten them.

This is due to the presence of beta-glucan, a fiber which slows down the release of energy and regulates blood sugar to avoid spikes.

As a result, you can tackle longer workouts without worrying about running out of energy midway.

You can eat oatmeal up to three hours before your workout and enjoy the benefits hours later.

Further, oatmeal is available in many forms including porridge and health bars that you can eat on the go.

You can also pair oatmeal with protein powder, ghee nut butter and fresh or dried fruit for an even more filling and energy-giving meal.

Or you can put a bit of oats into your smoothie – that will thicken it up, and give you extra energy.

Banana berry smoothie

Banana berry smoothie

Bananas are a good pre and post-workout food that can be eaten on its own or paired with oatmeal, wholemeal bread. Bananas are great for a quick and healthy pre workout snack that will keep you energized until the end of your workout.

Bananas have high fiber content and are low in calories which means that they digest quickly and are absorbed even faster into the blood stream.

The fact that they are low in calories means that you can eat the required number without worrying about putting on weight. Further, the fiber in bananas is soluble which means it regulates your blood sugar so that you do not experience spikes in energy followed by dips which can affect the quality of your workout.

Bananas are high in potassium, a mineral that helps your body store carbohydrates for use by muscles. Potassium also plays a role in muscle recovery after exercise so it works well as both a pre and post-workout food. Finally, bananas help to restore glycogen stores after a strenuous workout session, which in turn allows muscles to recover quicker.

Combine bananas with berries into a smoothie that will provide the carbs you need to finish a workout and healthy antioxidants that will aid recovery.

Sweet Potato, chicken and green beans

Chicken and green beans

Sweet potatoes are a natural source of complex carbohydrates and natural sugars which are slowly released into your bloodstream to supply you with the energy you need to complete your workout. Ideally, you should consume them 2-3 hours before your workout to ensure digestion and release the nutrients your body needs for strenuous exercise.

Sweet potatoes, and especially the orange-fleshed ones, are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin C which have antioxidant properties. When you exercise, your body undergoes oxidative stress which can lead to muscle damage if left unchecked. This is where Vitamin C comes in. It reduces the effects of free radicals and helps your body to recover quicker.

There are several other important vitamins and minerals in sweet potatoes including potassium, magnesium, as well as Vitamins A, B6 and D.

These have several health benefits and can make working out better and more effective.

For instance, magnesium can help to reduce the effects of physical stress from your workout while potassium aids in faster healing.

Vitamin D helps in recovery and improves overall physical performance while Vitamin A gives you strong bones that can handle weight-bearing exercises without fracturing.

Combine sweet potatoes with chicken and stir-fried green beans for a high carb and high protein meal that will fill you up longer and give you the energy you need to complete challenging workouts.

Dried fruit and nuts

Dried fruit and nuts

Dried fruits including cranberries, apples, figs, berries, pineapple, pears, and others are a great healthy pre workout snack and can be eaten on their own, combined with cottage cheese, stirred into yogurt or used to top oatmeal. 

Dried fruits are high in fiber which makes them easy to digest.

They are rich in natural sugars and give you instant energy that will sustain you through a strenuous exercise session.

Dried fruits and nuts are a good source of Vitamin B6 which helps to transfer energy from storage reserves so it can act as fuel for your workout.

Due to their high sugar and fat content, it is recommended that you eat no more than 50 grams of dried fruit and nuts mixture before your workout. This will help you avoid sabotaging your weight loss efforts or raising your sugar levels too quickly.

Peanut butter and date jam/paste on wholemeal bread

Peanut butter and date jam

Upgrade a basic PBJ into a high protein, energy-boosting healthy pre workout meal by choosing date jam instead of regular jelly and using wholemeal bread.

Peanut butter has several health benefits including the fact that it is a high protein source that helps to aid recovery and build muscle.

It contains healthy fats and is high in calories which ensure that you feel fuller for longer and can, therefore, complete your workout without feeling hungry.

Combine date jam/paste with peanut butter on wholemeal toast for a high protein and high carb meal with natural sugars that will add flavor and provide the fuel you need to complete a workout. 


Healthy Pre workout snacks are necessary to supercharge your workout and give you enough energy to complete your workout without feeling worn out.

There are many healthy options to choose from and you can choose to switch these up from day to day to enjoy the health benefits of different foods.

Ensure that you schedule your healthy pre workout snacks at least two hours before your workout and that you eat enough to keep you energized until the end of your workout.

If that was not enough, here is a list of another 50 snacks you could try.