5G Health Effects: What You Are Not Being Told


5G or something like it is a technology that needed to happen. We are running out of space or bandwidth on our current 4G network. But does rushing through this next phase of cellular data speed and bandwidth come at a cost? Are there 5G health effects that we are not being told about? Could the health effects of 5G be something to be concerned about? Is this simply an upgrade to existing technology? Keep reading to find the shocking truth.

A lot of the problems around the discovery of a definitive answer to these questions are hard to come by. Statistical studies can show a correlation between the introduction of a 5G signal and symptoms. Even if that correlation is shown to be strong, it cannot dictate that the 5G signal is the cause.

Minimal Testing of 5G Testing

Another reason is that only a relatively small number of tests have been done. The safety standards appear to be based on older technology. The legislation test is for the absorption rating of the radiation. This legislation does not consider any biological effects only the absorption of radiation. The legislation is approximately 20 years old and exists for an obsolete technology (FCC RF standards).

Because of the push for yet faster speeds, businesses have been pushing hard massive push to get the technology rolled. That has meant almost no testing, even though the legislation is woefully inadequate. At best, we are guinea pigs in a live experiment. Nobody really knows the effects the signal radiation will have on our bodies.
One thing we do know is that 4G signals work at the same frequency band as Microwave ovens. Same with DECT digital phones. I don’t recall anyone saying you fancy putting a microwave next to your face every day? This article isn’t about 4G you can go and study up on what effects that will have on the body.

Differences Between a 4G and a 5G Cellular Signal

The difference between a 4G and a 5G signal is that 5G is at a much higher frequency. That higher frequency means faster data and more bandwidth (many more devices can connect).

What that also means is that the signal cannot penetrate as deeply into objects, including humans, as a 4G signal can. This requires that there be a much higher density of 5G signal aerials present, to keep the signal clean and strong.

That means every 300 meters or so, there will be an aerial. That means there is going to be no escaping the signal if it does do bad things.

Swiss Test Rollout: 5G Causing Health Problems

It has been shown in a pilot rollout in Switzerland, where people in an area heard ringing noises in their ears, experienced headaches, felt nauseous, earaches, insomnia, and chest pains. These symptoms coincide with the day the 5G signal was switched on in the area.

Initial tests have shown that these signals can increase skin temperature, affect cellular growth, and metabolism, and may cause issues with the eyes or muscular systems, possibly even reproductive systems, and younger children, and the elderly are much more likely to be affected. But we don’t know, as we have not tested the effects on live humans which such a density of these aerials around us all.

Scientists Appeal Against Use of 5G

An international appeal was launched by 230 scientists from forty different countries to conduct urgent action into the dangers of exposure to EMF radiation, in addition to requesting that the FCC look into the health and environmental effects before the rollout of this technology.

The US Army has studied 350-millimeter wave and found non-thermal biological effects. The problem is that in the USA the FCC standards do not cover that, and therefore offer no protection to the people. Another international appeal to stop 5G on Earth and in Space has over 50 thousand signature from environmental organizations, scientists, and doctors – quite simply they say that this strong drive could have serious and irreversible effects on both humans and the earth, and those effects may be irreversible.

Is There Anything We Can Do About The Health Effects of 5G?

That ship has long since sailed – you can only monitor your health, and keep your eyes on this subject, as it may become very high profile very quickly. Our problems are that the current legislation is so out of date, that the actual effects do not legally need to be monitored – this is cause for concern as nothing illegal has happened.

What About The Future?

Well, we just don’t know what will happen to our health. We are currently being swept along by a tide of excitement for faster, more connected devices. A lot of money will be made from this technology, and if there are no bad effects from it, technology advancement will be incredible. There’s no doubt that there is a demand for such technology but driven on this tsunami wave of marketing for future technological advances, we are throwing caution to the wind. We shall see what happens to us very soon.