1What is a Genius IQ?

Do what you eat – brain food – have an impact on who is a Genius and who is not?
The smartest man ever to walk the earth is thought to be William Siddis. William Siddis was a child prodigy who had an IQ between 250 and 300.

Such an IQ may be the highest ever recorded.

Siddis was born in 1898 and died in 1944 after living a largely unfulfilled life. He worked in menial jobs and having run-ins with the law.
This is surprising as he entered Harvard at the age of ten and showed incredible Mathematical ability.

Anyone with an IQ over 140 is considered a genius.

As a genius, you would be largely expected to make great contributions to science and other disciplines.

Is Intelligence Genetic?

Genius was once thought to be hereditary but is now understood to be the result of several complex factors including:

  • heredity
  • education
  • motivation
  • nutrition

Even if it was genetic, the brain still needs energy to function optimally.

Which brings us to brain foods…