Healthy Diet For Weight Loss

First things first, this isn’t one of those usual, “you have to try this” diet plan because it’s the latest greatest idea to come out. If you’re looking for that sort of thing, I’d go to a different web page. What I’m about to discuss is a different healthy diet for weight loss that I started as an experiment and ended up losing about 10kgs in 2 months and I ate a lot and had a bit of alcohol too. More on that later.

Whilst I could do to lose a little bit of “love handles real estate”, I’m by no means fat. I’m a runner, but as it’s been summer here, I haven’t been running anywhere near as much as I will be doing. Christmas here is hot, so no running, lots of drinking and eating though.
Great conditions to be like a polar bear and store fat for the cooler months!

I’m also not going to claim any that this healthy diet for weight loss will work for you, it might, but you might also hate it, or it not work. I’m just telling you what happened to me.

I know it is a bit of a trend now, that a lot of people are talking about plant-based this, and that. More people than ever are plant-based or vegan, and it’s become more popular than ever. Honestly, I could care less – what was my reason for doing it? So I could run faster. Yep, it’s a sickness.

I, like probably a lot of you reading this, have watched a lot of the Netflix documentaries on subjects surrounding plant-based diets – forks over knives, cowspiracy, game-changers. And like a lot of people I talked to, I have been skeptical. I like the idea of it, but like you all, I couldn’t do it. I’d miss my steaks too much. And a lot of it was badly biased, I mean that couldn’t be true.

Well, thanks to Netflix – Game Changers changed that for me. But it did so at the point where the guy presenting it, an ex-UFC fighter was on the battle ropes, and at the top of his game, he did 8 minutes maximum. Then as a vegan, he tried it again, sometime later, nowhere near in the same shape, and managed to go over an hour. Where do I sign up?! I want me some of that. I can work with a benefit like that, and all the other benefits are just bonuses.

The eating experiment

And there started the experiment. I thought I’d do a few days or maybe a week – and see if anything changed. How hard could it be? I didn’t eat meat every day – but to be honest I did most of them. I thought I could probably do it for a short time. But do it completely – no meat, no dairy – like a vegan (but without that lifestyle choice) I wanted to give it the best chance of showing me that it worked.
The first run I went on, I wasn’t sure if it made a difference – I could do something that I’d never done before – it was easier – not the difference between 8 minutes and an hour easier, but it did seem like something was helping me to run. So I continued.