Heart Rate Zone Training

1Heart Rate training zones

Heart rate training zones are a fantastic tool.

If you’re like me, when you started running, your idea of a good run was a fast run.  Yes, I’ve trained and tried to maintain that pace throughout – you pick up injuries very easily, and always feel tired.

The reason?

Some days you’re dehydrated, or your body is fighting off an illness, or you didn’t recover from your last exercise session.  It would be a bit mental to try and go the same pace under those conditions, as you would if you’re fully rested, feeling fit, and ready to go.

And this is where heart rate zones for cardio training come in.  Instead of attempting to maintain a given pace, you’re targeting a certain heart rate zone.  Your heart rate will vary given different conditions – both your physical fitness and well-being, but also temperature and other factors.  The same pace might require a higher heart rate – a greater effort.  That is unlikely to be a good way to train.