High Blood Pressure Foods To Avoid


High blood pressure foods to avoid. Yes, there are foods that will not help you, and you should probably avoid them.

Sounds simple enough right?

Some are not that obvious… Read on to find out.

Also referred to as hypertension, high blood pressure occurs as the heart pumps blood into the arteries forcefully. If it is left uncontrolled, it can lead to kidney disease, atherosclerosis, heart failure, and stroke.

However, it is possible to bring high blood pressure in control by ensuring healthy food habits. It is recommended to intake food products that are enriched in magnesium, potassium, fiber, calcium, to name a few. If you are wondering what not to eat if you have high blood pressure, go through this write-up:

Table salt

Salt is regarded as one of the most common ingredients which are used in cooking food. Though it appears to be easy, it is really hard to say no to salt. There is a wide assortment of people who prefer to add salt while eating food. It is because it is the easiest option for enhancing the flavor of any cuisine. In addition to this, it is challenging to tell which food products have high salt content.

According to studies, Americans consume more than 3,400 mg of salt daily which is more than the recommended dosage. Since you cannot cook food without salt, you need to say no to different salty food items.

Condiments and sauces

When people are forbidden to intake salt, they often tend to look for condiments such as soy sauce, steak sauce, ketchup, salad dressings, and barbeque sauce. However, as you take a look at the ingredients, you will find that they have ample salt content.

The white and red sauces present in Italian cuisines have ample salt content. To avoid low blood pressure, it is recommended to say no to condiments and sauces with high salt content. It is a prerequisite to use spices and herbs while cooking food. You should also use spice blends in which salt is not used.

High Blood Pressure Foods to Avoid – Processed food products

It is possible to avoid processed foods as you intake healthy food. Processed food products are loaded with salt which raises blood pressure to a great extent. You will be surprised to know that above seventy-five percent of salt, that you intake in your diet comes in the form of packaged food products.

Thus, you can avoid the intake of salt most effectively by saying no to these food products. You should avoid these fast food products as they add a lot of salt for improving the taste.


It is known to all that a high amount of salt is added for the preservation of food. Salt plays a vital role in preventing the decay of food. It is beneficial in keeping the food edible.

As the vegetables and the preserving liquids remain in the can for a long time, they pick up more sodium. A whole can of pickle has almost 390 mg of sodium. TO bring your blood pressure in control, it is recommended to say no to pickles.

Frozen pizza

If your physician has suggested you to watch your sodium intake, pizzas are considered to be a bad food choice. The combination of crust, tomato sauce, cured meats, and cheese might enhance the sodium content in food. As far as high blood pressure foods to avoid go, this can be a bad one, but is often accompanied by other high blood pressure inducing foods on this list, which is not the outcome that you probably desire.

Frozen pizza is considered to be dangerous for people, suffering from high blood pressure. Manufacturers are known to add excessive salt for maintaining the flavor of pizza. Even a single serving of meat and cheese pizza or frozen pizza comprises almost 700 mg of sodium. Sodium content is higher if the pizza has more toppings and thicker crust.


Caffeine is one of the worth mentioning foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure. Energy drinks, tea, and coffee are loaded with caffeine which results in increased blood pressure. Caffeine is not an issue for individuals having high blood pressure.

However, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is a prerequisite to limit the intake of caffeine. Instead, you should opt for caffeine-free tea, half-caff coffee or decaf coffee.

Alcohol – Foods to avoid with High Blood Pressure

Consumption of alcoholic drinks can also lead to a rise in the blood pressure slightly. However, if you intake alcohol in an excessive amount, there may a dramatic increase in blood pressure. If you drink alcohol daily, it is a must to cut back and consume them as per the recommended level.

Men should refrain from having more than two drinks daily whereas women should not have more than one drink daily. One drink of alcohol indicates spirits of 1.5 oz, wine of 4 oz, and beer of 12 oz.

Of all high blood pressure foods to avoid – alcohol is often the worst, as these are often accompanies with foods that also raise the blood pressure. Small amounts in moderation are okay for most people, but if you have a blood pressure problem, then you should avoid.

Trans fats

Trans fats are a cause of high blood pressure, and so you should avoid these. You can find these food products in natural food products such as red meats, dairy products, and chicken skin.

You an find Trans fats particularly in processed and packaged food items. Trans and saturated fats play a vital role in enhancing the LDL cholesterol level. High levels of bad cholesterol accumulate in the blood vessels, and this results in a rise in blood pressure.

Ready to eat soups

People often tend to intake ready to eat soups for alleviating the hunger cravings during those odd hours. In addition to being delicious, they can be prepared in no time.

However, you need to keep in mind that they consist of a high amount of sodium and salt which might be dangerous for people suffering from high blood pressure. Hence, if you are planning to buy these soups, you should ensure to buy ready to eat soups, having less sodium and less salt.


An excessive amount of sugar can result in obesity, weight gain. In addition to this, sugar causes the conditions which can increase high blood pressure. It is recommended to say no to food products, that are enriched in sugar. You should avoid juices, soda, pastries and opt for natural sweeteners such as freshly made juice, honey, fruits, for satisfying the sugar cravings.

Foods to avoid with High Blood Pressure – Conclusion

High blood pressure causes a plethora of health conditions, it is possible to avoid them by living a healthy lifestyle and consuming a healthy diet. If you are suffering from hypertension, make sure to avoid the above-mentioned food items.