I Feel Awesome Peeps, Want To Know Why?


I was hoping that I would catch your attention. I’m not kidding, I feel great, and I hope to tell you what I do, and hope that you try it out, and find out how great you can feel as well.

The Easiest To Follow And Best Diet Yet

I’m not a dieter personally. I like my food too much, so the idea of having to count calories, such as you might have for a keto diet doesn’t appeal, nor does eating like a caveman, as in Paleo. I have to admit, those are the diets that I have been the closest to trying.

So my first trick is intermittent fasting. I stop eating around about 8 pm, and don’t eat until 1 pm the next day. I do sometimes go until 9 pm if I’m out late, but that doesn’t happen too often, and still gives me 16 hours of fast, and 8 hours of eating. It sounds terrible – and the first few days you will struggle – my advice here is to drink hot drinks like teas – I like ginger tea, and peppermint tea, and plenty of water. After a time you’ll get used to it, but not feeling like you need to eat. After a while, the hunger goes away, and you burn fat (in the same way as you would with a Keto diet).

Intermittent Fasting – Motivation

I did this originally because I felt like I was overeating and simply didn’t feel like I needed the extra meal at breakfast. I was training for a marathon, so anybody tells you that you can’t do it without blacking out hasn’t tried it. Don’t get me wrong, once it was time to eat, I would eat very well.

Make Everything Work More Smoothly

This one is hard to explain, and most people don’t even get close. I try to drink around 2.5 to 3 liters of water a day. I don’t always manage it, but when I do, I feel so much better, like my body isn’t having to work hard – hard to explain, just try it.

The key to this one is to drink regularly – to get started, set alarms, and drinking a smaller amount regularly. Don’t get to the evening, and try to smash back 3 liters of water in one go. It’s quite dangerous to do that, and you definitely won’t feel well after it. But if you drink 250 ml every 30 minutes, you’ll get to 3 liters without noticing, but build up to it, if you struggle to start with.

You will have to go for a pee a little more often, at least until your bladder gets used to it. I read somewhere that ancient samurai used to drink an insane amount of water when they got ill so that it flushed through their systems really quickly, and they could get on with their job. I figured that must be true, as I’ve never seen an ill samurai! Seriously though, it will amaze you once you get used to it.

Another Amazing Diet Change

This one you might not like, many people tell me they couldn’t do it. I think if you could experience how you feel first, you would just do it. That is, eat a plant-based diet. As I said earlier, I can’t be doing with fiddly diet – and this is super easy, if it is animal-based, don’t eat it. Yes, it may take you a time to understand what has animal-based stuff in it and what does not, but it’s not hard at all, and food is still really yummy!

The benefits of this one are that you will have more energy, you may find a fitness benefit, your digestion will feel easier, and because of this, you will possibly feel less tired. I also find that my stomach doesn’t grumble at night, and keep me awake, so I tend to sleep better too. Don’t misunderstand, it takes some willpower to avoid meats if, like me, you like them. It will also take some time to get used to the questions you get asked. All worth it, because it certainly makes me feel awesome.

You Want To Feel More Awesome?

This one is obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. Exercise. Get your body moving in whatever way you can do. I like to set myself a few challenges a year to do things that are both a physical and mental challenge because I am unsure how I will tackle or if I can do it. The reality is, I always can if I want to.

Most people can go and do a Parkrun on a Saturday morning – you definitely don’t have to run if you don’t want to, but there are many people who do – all having different abilities. It’s a great way to meet people, and it’s all done, and finished when most people are just peeling themselves out of bed. It’s a great start to the weekend. You could do your own little circuit training or high-intensity interval training routine, for a quick workout – do whatever you can do that you will enjoy, but that will challenge you without hurting you. After you finish, you will feel awesome – and getting into the routine – after a time you become addicted to it and notice how terrible you feel when you don’t exercise.

You Can Feel Even More Awesome – Yes Really

This one you wouldn’t think of straight away – and that is learning. Go and set yourself a challenge to learn something new. Do something to make you better at your job, learn a language, learn to be a better public speaker, go and do a new qualification or certification in something that either helps you and also interests you. The feeling of having achieved something, and become a better you is incredible.

Again, this does require that you have to organize your life to be able to fit this in, but once you commit to it, and have it set up, it’s just about turning up. You will feel awesome with all the achievements you will absolutely smash. You’ll probably wonder why you ever watched TV before – honestly, you still can do, but when you make your life full, you tend to question whether you really want to watch everything on TV, or go and do something that makes you feel happy, and you come out feeling awesome afterward.