checking for signs of prediabetes

It is good you came here for signs of prediabetes, to be safe. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent conditions around the world. In 2015, around 9.4% of the USA had diabetes. There are two types of diabetes; in type 1 our body doesn’t produce insulin (a hormone that regulates the sugar levels). The most common one is type 2, in this type we do produce insulin, but we don’t use it properly. When diabetes isn’t treated it can lead to serious complications like kidney damage or eye damage. There is a condition that can increase the risk of suffering from diabetes, is called prediabetes, and is the condition that we are going to talk to you about in this article.

1What is prediabetes?

Also known as borderline diabetes, prediabetes is a condition when you have high blood sugar levels, but they are not high enough to diagnose you with diabetes type 2. The blood sugar levels of borderline diabetes are generally between 100-125 mg/dl. Sometimes prediabetes comes with no signs or symptoms, which makes it harder to be diagnosed. Prediabetes is more common than what you think, in 2015 around 84.1 million people in the US had it.