DNA Fitness – What Effect Will This Highly Specific Fitness Regime Have On Your Body?


DNA fitness testing is here, and it is revolutionizing fitness performance and the way people work out and fuel their workouts for maximum performance. DNA fitness testing, which assesses your DNA to determine your fitness and nutrition profile, has long been the preserve of elite athletes. However, this technology is now widely available through providers like DNAFit, Xcode Life, Pathway Fit, Athletigene, Fitness Genes, and many others. With these technologies, you can now ramp up your fitness and enjoy numerous health benefits that have been the preserve of elite athletes until now.

DNA fitness and health involve working out, eating and making other choices about your health based on your DNA profile. Simply put, you will only choose workouts that will give you maximum results, eat the right foods for your profile and make other healthy choices based on the information your DNA fitness test reveals.

What exactly is DNA fitness?

DNA fitness involves choosing the best workout and diet plan for your fitness profile. Your DNA fitness profile is determined by genetic and lifestyle factors. Once you have this information, you can then go about choosing the workout and diet plans that will give you optimal results based on your profile. Your DNA fitness profile shows how your body builds and maintains muscle mass, how fast your metabolism is, how long your body takes to recover from exercise, your aerobic capacity, which exercises you will perform best at and the optimal muscle volume your body can achieve based on your fitness. Based on all this information, you can choose the right diet and fitness plan for you.

How is DNA Fitness testing done?

DNA testing is done to determine the impact of your DNA on your overall fitness. Specifically, DNA fitness tests measure strength, metabolic, build, ability to utilize oxygen, performance, and other factors. A DNA fitness test can be done from the comfort of your home using a home testing kit. all you have to do is swab the inside of your cheek and send this to your tester of choice. You can get testing kits from several testing companies including; 23andme, AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, Orig3n, Vitagene, Pathway and others. The DNA fitness company will then analyze the sample for different genetic variants. These variants include; propensity for greater muscle building, higher metabolism, better oxygen utilization, and others. 

What are the benefits of DNA fitness?

DNA fitness offers the following great health benefits;

  • Reduced risk of injury: DNA fitness testing will reveal whether you are more susceptible to injury in addition to showing you which parts of your body are more likely to tear and get injured during exercise. As a result, you can avoid working out areas that are more prone to certain injuries.
  • Greater weight loss: Your DNA profile shows your metabolism rate in addition to letting you know whether you are a candidate for obesity. While obesity is caused by a combination of genetics and environmental factors, studies have shown that certain people suffer from gene mutations that cause certain people to store more fat than others. You can use your DNA fitness profile to find the right diet for you to avoid gaining weight. Also, your DNA fitness profile will show you which exercises work best for you so you can utilise these for maximum weight loss.
  • Better muscle building: DNA fitness involves using exercises that will give you the results you want while taking into account the ones that will work best for you. You can use the information in your DNA fitness report to work with a professional fitness coach to design a program that will give you maximum gains. For instance, if your DNA fitness profile shows that you build muscle slowly, you can create a workout program that focuses on heavier weights or a larger number of reps to build bigger muscles.
  • Easier exercise selection: Your DNA fitness report reveals how well your body works with different types of exercise. For instance, it may reveal that you utilize oxygen better than other athletes or that your muscles grow bigger or faster. As a result, you can choose the best exercise for your DNA profile and avoid engaging in activities that will bring in little to no results.
  • Improved workout quality: Many people are stumped when they discover that even though they are workout out regularly and eating right, they are not seeing the results they want from their diet and exercise programs. This is because they may be choosing the wrong exercises for their DNA in addition to performing too little work when they do exercise. DNA fitness allows you to choose only the exercises that will bring you the best results and significantly improve the quality of your workouts in the process.

What are the pros of DNA fitness

While DNA fitness offers many health benefits, it does have some disadvantages. These include;

  • False security: DNA fitness may give you the idea that you no longer need to seek out new information to improve your workout, diet and overall health. However, all exercise programs have their flaws which is why it is important to switch up several routines and diet programs for maximum effect. DNA fitness may cause you to neglect this aspect of fitness and cause your workout and overall health to suffer.
  • Incomplete knowledge: Research on DNA fitness is still ongoing which means that there is still a lot we do not know about its effects, benefits, and disadvantages. It is therefore important to keep up with other exercise and diet programs whose effectiveness has been proven to avoid sabotaging your efforts and health.


Fitness is a revolutionary concept that ties workout success in with your genetic profile. By using the information provided in your DNA fitness report, you can create fitness and diet programs that ensure you see maximum results. DNA fitness has many benefits has many benefits including reduced risk of injury, improved muscle building and greater weight loss. However, research on DNA fitness testing is still ongoing so people using a DNA fitness program should combine it with programs that have already been proven to work for the best results.